Tuesday 14th of July 2020 05:42:31 am
Transfer Pricing Studies

We provide advice for compliance with the Transfer Pricing Legislation applicable to each country, being responsible of the analysis and execution of all phases involved in the presentation of the corresponding Technical Study, providing a complementary support service after the delivery of mentioned report when the Tax Administration requests it or carries out an audit process.

Our team has wide expertise and knowledge to guide companies in the process of surveying, presenting and supporting the information related to Transfer Pricing, in order to comply with legal regulations.

Since we are members of the Geneva Group International Global Network, we share synergies and have the expertise and know how to guide you through the process of surveying, presenting and supporting related information, not only locally but internationally.

Our service is supported by globally recognized software databases that include statistical and financial information from more than 80,000 companies in 140 countries, such as financial statements, market reports, ratings, director and managerial information, news, etc. Information included is provided by multinational firms such as Fitch Ratings, Reuters, World ‘Vest Base, among others.