Tuesday 14th of July 2020 05:35:48 am
Strategic planning

Geneva-Group Argentina is in a position for both, to provide advice and also prepare the Technical Studies and different Affidavits required by the different Latin American countries for companies that must submit this information to the different tax authorities, taking into account simple or complex cases, such as:

  • International treaties signed by the different countries – Its hierarchy superior to the laws.

  • The “Permanent Establishment” issues.

  • The different methods to verify if the Inter-company Prices are set according to the norms established by each country.

  • Analysis of Inter-company Agreements setting the role that corresponds to each subsidiary, and consequently their remuneration for such role.

The analysis of the aforementioned topics enhances companies’ tax efficiency, avoiding double taxation and preventing future contingencies in the event of audits made by the corresponding Tax Authority.

We have expertise in providing service to well-known economic groups, with global tax planning, that allow supporting management with an integral vision from the fiscal point of view as regards Transfer Pricing matters.