Tuesday 26th of May 2020 19:26:03 pm
Informational Affidavits

Tax regulations also require the filing of Affidavits in which different data must be reported.

For example, regulations in force in Argentina oblige companies that carry out international trade operations, either with their affiliates or parent companies or with independent suppliers, to report all transactions involving imports or exports of goods or services on a semiannual and annual basis.

In addition, they should include a Transfer Pricing Technical Study in PDF format, as well as detailing, types of operations and related amounts, made with their related parties as well as transactions made with companies located in countries with low or zero taxation. This study includes different reports such as of the methodology used in the analysis, among others.

Audits Support

The Tax Administration may ignore or not share the companies’ criteria to determine the prices of operations that have been carried out with related parties or tax havens. Thus, support for facing such events must be needed. Our different professions experts such as lawyers, economists, accountants and administrators, ensure an adequate defense of the company position.